Gas spring
Standard DC series

for seat height adjustment


Swivelling and height adjustable gas spring

The gas spring manufactured by Abain, I s manufactured with double tube, named Non Self Supporting.
Inside the Ø28 tube is housed the Ø23 cartridge.
Each one performs its task, the Ø28 tube stands the weight of the chair and the Ø23 cartridge stands the the gas pressure.


The most common one is the model that turns, goes up and down and can be adjusted at any height.

Support column

  • Ø50, Ø40 and Ø45 tapered
  • For flat bases without taper/cone Ø50 and Ø45
  • Long cone for high bases
  • Short cone for bases close to the ground
  • Various finishes, textured black, shiny chrome, matt chrome, various ral colors on request (Snow White, Gray RAL 9006…etc). There are even clients who send us their painting so that we can paint with it for a closer finish to their other painted elements.


Different push button heights
With more comfortable cushioning
Antistatic conductive properties
With grease retainer to prevent lubricating grease
from remaining in “dark rings” in the Ø28 tube

Design your own

Tell us the measurements of the chair you want to get, the height of the base, the mechanism and the upholstery, and we will be able to carry out a study of which cylinder best suits your requirements. We found it for you.

Obtained tes

UNE-EN 1335-3:2001

BS5459-2.2000 for Abain DC Series gas springs

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