Design and manufacturing
cylinders and gas lifts

For seats, tables and beds.

Own manufacturing

Abain is a company dedicated to the manufacture of gas springs and gas lifts, both for the furniture sector in general and for industrial applications.

The production plant is located in the North of Spain, in Irún Gipuzkoa, a traditional and very active industrial environment.

1500 square meters of manufacturing plant, and 200 square meters of commercial and technical offices. From the Abain plant, daily trucks and maritime cargo are dispatched to customers around the world.

Abain has more than 20 years designing and manufacturing gas cylinders and lifts, and as it comes from a previous history, we can say that Abain has 40 years of experience in the industrial world and the manufacture of gas cylinders to his credit.

Production is in continuous evolution since the increase in demand is constant, the result of the quality of its cylinders and gas lifts and the high level of service, compliance and efficient results for the market.
Abain constantly updates its technology and production means, increasing its capacity to improve its efficiency. All the work and functions performed have a clear objective: customer satisfaction.

Since April 2023, Abain has been part of the Azol Gas Group (, the main Spanish manufacturer of nitrogen gas cylinders and one of the world leaders for applications in the die-making and stamping, which currently operates in more than 40 countries and counts among its main clients the automobile and appliance manufacturers (OEM) and leading supply chain companies (TIER-1) in the world. The incorporation of Abain into the Azol Gas Group as the main reference for its Industrial division has allowed it to create the leading manufacturer in Spain of gas cylinders for industrial and stamping applications.

Standardized and special models

Abain sells a technical product throughout the world, its largest market being the upper-middle-range furniture sector, where Abain, with its gas cylinders and lifts, adds value to the functionality of the furniture for which they are intended. Each model offers a specific function adapted to the function it must perform. We work closely with the technical departments of the clients, their designers and prescribers to find the model that the client is looking for and needs.

We are an engineering company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cylinders and gas lifts.