Gas lift

for sofa and various other applications


The gas lifts manufactured in Abain are used for various applications, they are designed for various functions.

Gas lift most commonly used by our clients, is to raise the bed box. We have two main models:
The STANDARD model helps to raise the lid of the sofa.

The ANTI-SHOCK model, which, in addition to raising the lid of the sofa bed, has as an added technical characteristic that it retains and controls the final blow of the lid closing. Especially when they are heavy-duty bed boxes and even with an articulated bed base.

The COThe COMBINED model, two models of gas lifts can be assembled at the same time, one standard and the other anti-shock, used in weight beds that require double force and also require avoiding shock on the way down.


  • From 100N to 1900N in Ø22/Ø10
  • From 2000N to 2400N in Ø22/Ø12
  • Several types of mooring at the ends



We are an engineering company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cylinders and gas lifts.