Gas lift

Wall bed


TA SERIES: Gas lift with RETENTION, with the technique specifically developed to make the wall bed descend in a controlled and smooth way, even without having to accompany it with your hand.

F SERIES A model developed by Abain that goes further is the gas lift with RETENTION and CLOSING BRAKE. As above, with the specific technique to make the wall-mounted bed descend in a controlled and smooth way, and also when the bed is closed it does not hit the furniture at the end.

In addition, this brake model helps in the EASY OPENING of the bed. When they are large and heavy beds, it facilitates the initial opening shot, reducing the effort that must be made.
They can be manufactured with different closing brake intensities.
Customers determine where appropriate, for each piece of furniture which is better.

For use in a more exclusive way and in beds that are going to be assembled in a unique and exclusive way, Abain manufactures the closing brake lifter with regulation. That is to say, the gas lift is regulated annually in each bed once it is assembled with the mattress and so on. It is fair “in situ” in each piece of furniture. This is a very delicate system because if it is not properly regulated, the bed may take too long to close, it may even remain open or this added feature may not be taken advantage of.

At Abain we have a system of PLATES AND INTERFACES to help in the manufacture of folding beds when the complete bed base is not used. These are components to manufacture the structure of the bed base and to be able to place the risers and pivot points


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