Gas spring for seat and chairs height regulation EN1335-3:2000

Double tube, Non self supporting gas spring

Gas spring manufactured with double tube,inside the diameter 28 tube, is the gas cartridge. Each tube makes its own work,the diameter 28 tube supports the chair weight and the cratridge the gas strength. In terms of security, as it is manufactured with double tube is superior to a self supporting or one tube gas spring


The most common is the gas spring that rotates, moves up and down and can be adjusted at any height. We manufacture variants of non-rotating, self centering, only swiveling ...

Special characteristics

We can make the pushbutton to different heights, special for flat bases, with more comfortable cushioning, different finishes of the outer tube, with conductive properties, stainless steel ... etc.

Design your own gas spring

Indicate the measures you want to get in the chair, the height of the base, heigth of the mechanism and upholstery, and we carry out a study to find the gas spring that fits best to your requirements.